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Nor can analysts assume that men’s migration is a universally positive or empowering experience for female partners. Needs assessments could be done and supports put in place to ensure that the benefits from labour migration to Canada do not accrue at the expense of Guatemalan women’s quality of life. Interview with the director of the Guatemalan Women’s Group (Grupo Guatemalteco de Mujeres-GGM), carried out in Guatemala on 13 March 1997. The GGM is a non-governmental organization that helps women who are victims of domestic violence.

  • This level of poverty leads to malnourished children and lack of opportunity for children, particularly girls, to get an education.
  • Historical exclusion and discrimination of the Mayan populations and their sociocultural divergence from the dominant population make them an especially easy target for neglect.
  • She was murdered by death squads on September 11, 1990—two days after her pioneering research was published in English.
  • Findings from this study provide insight into the meanings of childbirth for Muslim women living in Jordan.
  • Most (80 %) of this population would not communicate Spanish as their first language—there are 21 Mayan languages spoken in Guatemala—but, medical care is typically solely supplied in Spanish.

In 2016, she joined the Weavers’ Councils National Movement (Ruchajixik ri qana’ojb’äl). In 2017, they filed legal action against the State of Guatemala before the Constitutional Court and demanded legal reform to achieve the right to collective intellectual property for the creations.

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Official campaign period was shortened to a period of 90 days and candidates must cease paid publicity two days before the election, on June 14, 2019. In this environment, the ability of the TSE to restrict and register political advertising is intended to contribute to an environment of greater transparency. Despite the risks, the women play an important role in their communities’ opposition to the hydroelectric mega-projects. As guardians of their land and water, they have come to its defense and they’ll continue speaking out to prevent environmental deterioration from further harming their families. The residents of these mountains, many indigenous women of Mayan descent, have long depended on the waters to nourish them, to provide them with fish, and to keep crops alive. All articles published by MDPI are made immediately available worldwide under an open access license. No special permission is required to reuse all or part of the article published by MDPI, including figures and tables.

Presenting a complaint before the accountability mechanism of the IDB to investigate whether or not the financial institution complied with its own social and environmental standards when investing in the two hydroelectric projects. The dams have caused water scarcity and the contamination of rivers long cherished by the communities. Fish are no longer abundant, and stomach and skin diseases have become commonplace. The women have been the most impacted—the river is where they gather, wash themselves and their clothes, and begin to prepare food to feed their families. But life here in the microregion of Ixquisis, in the department of Huehuetenango, has changed drastically in recent years. Several large dams have been constructed in the watershed, including the Pojom II and San Andrés dams, both of which were financed by a private lending arm of the Inter-American Development Bank .

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But in an attempt to hold onto power and avoid prosecution, corrupt alliances are whittling away at this progress. New electoral reforms are proving difficult to enforce in a tense political climate and uncertainty looms as candidates with dubious records are printed on ballots.

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MORE FROM FORBES Can This Scientist End War Between Farmers And Mexico’s Biggest Bear? Arévalo says the gender gap in scientific careers in Latin America continues to be very large. Arévalo was born and raised in Guatemala City, fortunately within a family that was able to give her access to the highest quality education. Luz María guatemalan chicks del Rocío López also disappeared and days later, on January 22, her body was found by street cleaners, wrapped in plastic inside a sewer in Guatemala City. The young woman, who has a one-year-old daughter, worked as an investigator at the Model of Integrated Care for Children and Teenagers of the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

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